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Greetings from the Stavis Siblings,


JAN 28

We own a film production company. We do many different things. We work with a lot of incredible folks. This festival was our way to gather and uplift those people and the projects we love. 


2020 was one of the hardest years the industry has ever seen. However, with that challenge, the aspiring film community found a way to continue to create art. All projects included in this festival were filmed and or completed in the 2020 pandemic. We are proud of any connection, either at the forefront, or tangentially with these wonderful projects. 


Thank you for joining us and we are excited for all the amazing things that will come in 2021 which are “remotely possible”.


Choose your own adventure

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The Films

An evening of trailers for exciting new projects culminating in the worldwide premiere of

 “Santa Con: The War on Christmas.”

Hiking the Divide
Hiking the Divide

Wife and husband duo, making own content Cross Country Hike During Covid Charitable giving for Native Nations IG Handles @richardmmourant, @kelsey_k_mourant Stage of Production : Post-Production, Pre-Editing Email : Kelsey@e2etreks.com *Property of e2etreks


When Jules Moretti reconnects with her singer/songwriter ex-boyfriend, Matt Lerner, the two millennials must navigate the blurred lines of old love, newfound friendship, and sexual fluidity amidst the backdrop of the New York indie music scene.


Wannabe Broadway Star Jenny Sommers adopts the zany, sociopathic personality of her Instagram character in her pursuit of fame. How far will Jenny go for success…and how much is she willing to lose? *Property of Gallagher Productions

Up Off the Mountain
Up Off the Mountain

Growing up in a cult, on a remote commune, awkward 18 year old Leah Masters, moves to Brooklyn and navigates college life with sex-obsessed friend Clarissa Duffer, while "hooking" new cult-members for her mother Rainey's, spiritually draining, financially failing, commune. *Property of Brittony Productions

The Great Charlie Simmons
The Great Charlie Simmons

The unexpected, but important, time traveling adventures of 6th grader Charlie Simmon’s mysterious locker and her encounters with the greatest women pioneers in US history

Santa Con: The War On Christmas
Santa Con: The War On Christmas

On the eve of the holiday season, a lower manhattan bar recruits a new waitress to their ranks. Little does she know, she’s about to be thrown into the greatest battle known to NYC, Santa Con.

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When is this?

How Can I watch?

January 28th, 2021

Red Carpet @ 4:30PM PT/7:30 ET

Festival @5PM PT/8PM ET

Reach out to hello@stavisfilm.com for any questions.